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With 16 years experience in the environmental and arbor care industry, nine of them as a practicing arborist, I've spent a good deal of time learning about and caring for various trees and plants.

As a graduate of Penn State University, with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, I've taken many courses related to the study of arborculture and plant biology.

In a field as evolving as arborculture, it is very important to stay current with new or changing practices. As such, I have continued my professional education by becoming a licensed Maryland tree expert, an International Society of Arborculture (ISA) certified arborist, a professional horticulturist, and a licensed spray technician. In addition, I am a member of the International Society of Arborculture, as well as the local Mid-Atlantic ISA chapter, and the Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association. Keeping abreast of industry changes at the local level is vital in any industry, especially ours. By regularly attending classes and seminars sponsored by these various professional affiliations; I stay current in the latest information, techniques, and technology of our ever-expanding field.

I currently live in southern Pennsylvania with my wife and daughter. When I'm not spending my time learning about and caring for trees and shrubs, I enjoy camping, hiking, reading and spending time with my family.