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Matt Mitcheltree came to our house and inspected our trees (we have many). They told us about each tree and what services they could perform to make them healthier. Finally, they talked about which services made most sense (balancing finance and tree health). We choose some, and put some off to see how the condition progressed. Mitchell never made us feel as if we needed to spend any money. They gave us the information and let us make the best decision for our situation.

I called North Hill Tree Experts to get an estimate. The representative came to my house and gave an estimate and schedule an appointment. This morning the stumps were removed. We were very pleased. Efficient, courteous, and reasonable. Thank you.
Removed an estimated 60 to 70 foot high large silver maple tree that had suffered extensive limb damage resulting from a sleet and ice event in mid-February, 2014 and ground up the remaining stump. Removed a lilac bush that had significantly quit flowering and whose branches were further damaged by the same sleet and ice event in February, 2014. Removed an approximate 15 foot dwarf cherry tree and ground up the remaining stump. Trimmed and lightly shaped two dwarf Japanese red maple trees in my front lawn fronting the street. Trimmed and shaped a Colorado Blue Spruce tree's skirt to remove low-hanging branches to allow me to mow around the perimeter of the tree. Did an excellent job of raking and cleaning all work area
We received the estimate for this work a couple of months before the work was completed; at the time we were told that because our job was so small, it would be a number of weeks so it could be fit in between other larger jobs. The Christmas and New Year holidays also came in between proposal and completion, so we don't fault North Hill for the delay. On the day of the work, they arrived early and were kind enough to start work without knocking on the door first (we're retired and don't get up early). The job was completed swiftly, professionally, and all debris was carted off the property. The estimates we received for this work ranged from $375 down to the $210 we were charged by North Hill. In this case, we believe that the lowest price contractor was also the best.
As shown by my ratings, Matt Mitcheltree and crew of two additional men performed an outstanding pruning and removal of limbs as proposed and requested. Crew was very careful of our property and completed the total tree service in about four hours. Matt explained the details of what was done and the reasons for such to our total satisfaction. Clean up was exemplary. Will be our tree service people in the future with highest recommendations.
Chris and Miley showed up @2:00 and were done by 3:30. They took out dead wood, raised the tree by removing lower branches and that took a lot away from my neighbor's yard without damaging the trees. Very pleased with the work and the price. They cleaned up my yard and made sure my neighbor's yard was free of debris. I had 4 estimates and theirs was the lowest. Rain held up the scheduling of the job. Other company wanted me to wait until January. I was pleased with the other companies' representatives as well. The company phone rep kept me abreast of my job status. I'd use them again. I'd advise removing all items near the tree because of falling branches. I neglected to do that. Nothing broken. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to watch. Make sure you don't get as close as I did. Lol. Regarding punctuality, we didn't have a firm time because of all the rain delays.
I would highly recommend Matt and would trust him with any tree. I can leave the house or not even be there when he is working and trust that our trees are in good hands.
I found Matt Mitcheltree an extremely likable and professional person. He and his fellow employees were very careful and respectful of my neighbor's property while performing their work.
These guys do a great job. They're careful, professional and reasonably priced. I'm very pleased with the work they did and would use them again.
They were very good. The guy was very responsive. They were very professional. They scheduled ahead of time so I could let the neighbors know not to park under the tree. They did a very good job. I would use them again.
They were very professional and cleaned up really well. They came on time. The price was reasonable. I had no problems with them.
I would rate them very highly. Their prices are fair. They didn't hard anything around the yard or the house.